Hello there, I'm a software engineer working at Red Hat on all things middleware.


If you've landed here, you're mostly interested in my blog entries. At least that's where this website value is at đŸ˜‰. These are my thoughts on various subjects. I particularly love hacking my work. Either by methodology or by improving my tools.

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BTRFS vs Ext4 for a NAS

1 minute read

Assuming you have a new NAS for your backups and personal files hosting. Which file system should you use: BTRFS or Ext4? This is a surprisingly unsettled qu...

Java LTS - perspective of a library author

5 minute read

I have had intuitively mixed feelings with the proposed 2 years Long Term Support plan of OpenJDK (from 3 today) so I wanted to write down what was causing i...

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