Hibernate Search talk at JAX '07

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One feature request for Hibernate Search has been surprisingly pretty popular: support for indexed embedded collections and hence correlated queries involving collections.
This is no longer a request and is available in SVN :-)

Imagine a Movie having a list of Actors, the following query is now possible:

give me the movie talking about Central Intelligence Agency and having one of the Baldwins in the casting
or in Lucene language
description:"Central Intelligence Agency" authors.name:Baldwin
Of course the drawback is to potentially increase drastically the size of your index. So use it when the collection size is under control.

I am going to talk about Hibernate Search at the JAX 07 conference in Wiesbaden on Tuesday. Let's have a beer if you are around.

By the way, I think De Niro did a not so great job on this movie, too much is suggested (probably too many details too fast). I know that was the intend, but he went too far in my opinion.