Mac OS X Leopard and internet downloads

1 minute read

If Leopard asks you if "you are sure you want to open this application which was downloaded from the web" every single time, read further.

I installed Mac OS X Leopard yesterday. Leopard started to warn me about applications downloaded from the Internet. Every single time I open them (not only the first time) I have to confirm it's a safe app.

I first thought Apple believed I was both stupid (can't take care of my security) and with huge memory issues (yes I am trying to open this troyan app 8 times in a row, thank you for reminding me I forgot).

Apparently, this is a small bug. If you download an application with one user account but do not open it with the same account, the security flag is never lift up. To work around that, log on your original account, open all you downloaded apps (27 for me, the dock was a nice christmas tree :) ), accept the security warning for all of them. Next time you open one of them, the security warning will not appear, pfffeu!

Another tip for free. If, like me, you want your old iLife applications back after a clean OS install, go download Pacifist, extract the iThing packages from the Tiger CDs and install them.

It was nevertheless the smoothest clean reinstall experience I've ever had (Carbon Copy Cloner and the Migration Assistant are fantastic).