Hibernate Search book preview final review: hitting where it hurts for the better

1 minute read

We just had our third review of Hibernate Search in Action. Receiving this feedback has been a humble experience. Lot's of good reviews (good) and some critical ones (even better). Every imperfection we left aside came back in the spot lights of our reviewers.

Based on this feedback, we have been working hard the last two weeks to improve a lot the manuscript:

  • clearer code transcripts with more inline annotations
  • better separation between different parts of the same example (Hibernate API versus Java Persistence API)
  • the code has been updated to the latest Hibernate Search version and cleaned up a lot (no more warning, same comments as in the book)
  • the code now contains README files for easier navigation, ant scripts, Eclipse and IntelliJ descriptors
  • a nice appendix summarizing all annotations, Hibernate Search APIs and Lucene Query classes
  • added an index: I wish I could plug Hibernate Search on the book, that one was painful
  • added a section on testing (mocking, in-memory integration testing, performance testing)
  • better explanation on how query and analyzer are interwoven
  • add the Explanation API description
  • clearer introduction for each chapter
  • much more references than before making book navigation easier
  • all references in the book are up to date. No more Chapter XX ;)
  • improvements on the clustering chapter

The code is almost ready for prime time, we will publish it as soon as we find the right vehicle for it.

Thanks to all our reviewers. While I am not sure I appreciate the recent sleep depravation, this definitely improved the book a lot.

As usual, you can get the preview version electronically at Manning, it has all the chapters and I hope to get the latest changes uploaded soon.