JBoss AS 5 is out, Hibernate Search 3.1, Devoxx is warming up and

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Great news this week:

  • JBoss AS 5 is out. Congratulations to Dimitris and the many people in and out of JBoss who contributed to it.

  • Hibernate Search 3.1 is out. A lot of good stuffs like performance improvements at indexing and querying time and some cool new features like the analyzer declaration framework (allowing declarative phonetic, synonym, n-gram indexing and searches)

  • Devoxx is very close. Come see the JBoss folks and topics and come to the Seam meetup after the BOF of course :)

Also, on the Bean Validation (JSR 303) side, I am finalizing the last changes in the spec for the public draft. We made a lot of progress in the last two weeks on various subjects including type-safe groups and JPA / JSF / EE integration (with the finalized draft, I will officially contact the EE expert group). Stay tuned, hopefully the draft should be out in a week or two.

Finally, Hibernate Search in Action is supposed to be released in final PDF monday (still not believing in it till I see that one ;) ).

Great week on my side. See you at Devoxx for a drink or two.