The perfect storm creates new website and blog

1 minute read

I have been fed up with Wordpress for a while now. Having to upgrade the core plus an average of 4 plugins every time I went to blog was too much. And I am not even mentioning the security risk or the fact that some services flag wordpress installs as malicious websites…

I have been wanting to migrate the blog to Awestruct for a while but frankly got lazy. My core website was already generated with Awestruct and I wanted to give Twitter Bootstrap a try. Twitter Bootstrap is a CSS / javascript / HTML 5 toolkit to get started quickly.

So I started with that and moved my main website to use Twitter Bootstrap. While I was at it, I have refreshed both content and style to get:

  • less chatty pages: especially the home page
  • better page titles
  • add a section on what projects I work on

And boom, I decided to go all in and also update my blog, importing them from Wordpress. I’ll give my feedback on both Twitter Bootstrap and moving a blog in a later post. But let me tell you, the actual content migration was the easy part. Realizing after the fact that a couple of 301 redirects were mandatory for Google to be happy was an interesting experience :)

Anyways, let me know what you think of the website and blog refresh.