Moving to HTTPS

less than 1 minute read

I have decided to move this website to HTTPS. Let me know if you see anything fishy, cannot access it or if the RSS feed no longer updates. Why? With my country’s government going completely stupid, I decided to play the nut game, I can be pretty stupid too.

In its infinite wisdom, the French government has decided to enable mass surveillance of the French people without oversight of the justice branch. Yes I know WTF?!

Anyways, in order to make things simpler for them, I have decided to move all of my web properties behind HTTPS (HTTP over TLS). Do I have anything to hide? Nope, I just want to increase universe entropy and cracking our communication a bit more challenging.

My certificate fingerprints are:

  • SHA1: 15 3E 2E 67 39 28 20 28 6E F6 CF F5 E1 92 AB 07 72 32 72 90
  • MD5: 0B 2D 49 61 DE EA E1 D7 11 92 BA 3D 4F BD 73 E2

If you see something else then, you are being intercepted. Read more on secure connection fingerprints.