How to install Git and git-svn on Mac OS X

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It's hard to find good Google links for installing git-svn on Mac OS X. Here is my piece.

  • Install port: download it at and run the installer
  • run sudo port install subversion-perlbindings (it takes a while as the installer download the internet)
  • run sudo port install git-core +svn (don't forget +svn or you will have to uninstall git-core and reinstall it)
You are ready to use git svn command. git-svn does not work but git svn does: that's because git-svn is not in your PATH. If you want to make git-svn work, add /opt/local/libexex/git-core to it (thanks Randall for the tip).

From there, have a look at for a quick tutorial.

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