DevNexus: human friendly conference March 10-11 in Atlanta

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I will be speaking at DevNexus. This small conference is a spin off the Atlanta Java User Group.

Here are a few things I like about the conference personally:

  • There is around 10 presentations over two days, so you will be able to see all / most of them.
  • The price is very reasonable ($150 for early birds), $185 regular price.
  • The size is reasonable, so interacting with speakers is natural.
  • Atlanta in March is very nice.
  • ahem, I will be speaking there, ahem.

I will personally speak about our experience in scaling Hibernate in big environments and how SaaS vendors can face the challenge. I will also discuss Hibernate Shards and Hibernate Search with regard to scalability. And there are nine other speakers at the conference, so check their website.