JBoss Community Asylum - a new podcast with bits of me in it

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Remember my French podcast Les Cast Codeurs? (Doing well, thank you for asking) Well apparently, I did not have enough and started a new one. In English this time.

JBoss Community Asylum. A podcast on, by and about the JBoss Community and its gazilllllllion projects and ideas. It's available here and the iTunes link is here. Basically, instead of blaming people about the lack of podcasts on the great tech at jboss.org, Max R. Andersen (JBoss Tools), Michael Neale (Drools + cloud thingies) and me have decided to give it a shot. You will get the latest news on from the JBoss sphere and we will likely interview folks about their projects.

Let us know what you think and how you would like it to evolve. It's a low-key bottom-up approach so anything's possible.

PS: I made progress, I am not the sound engineer this time, yeah!