Hit the road Jack

1 minute read

Now that I am done with my what took a lot of my time recently, I will be on the road for pretty much the whole month of november all over Europe to spread the word.

First and foremost, I will inaugurate the new MarsJUG (in Marseille) on October 15th. I will be talking about Hibernate Search and how to implement clever full-text search engines using approximations (phonetic approximation etc).

I will also be speaking in Munich at the W-JAX conference on November 10th and 11th. This time I will cover:

  • Bean Validation (JSR-303) and Hibernate Validator 4 (just released)
  • What's new in Java Persistence 2.0. I will spend a good chunk of it to explain the new type-safe Criteria API
  • Hibernate Search and how to do full-text searches with Hibernate-based applications

Next in line is Devoxx where I will give a university talk on Hibernate Search. If you want to know everything about Hibernate Search, this is the time! This is November 17th in the afternoon. This is an interesting format (3 hours), where i will cover a bunch of what is in my book Hibernate Search in Action and do a handful of demonstrations.

Last but not least, I will be speaking at JavaEdge '09 on November 16th in Israel. This time about Bean Validation and Hibernate 4.

If you come by these cities at the right time, come and join me! Between one of these conferences is my birthday :o)

Edit: I forgot that I will be speaking at the ParisJUG on December 8th about Bean Validation. Right after a healthy debate on Spring vs EE 6 (I heard that extra medics and blood supply have been planned)