My thoughts on various subjects. I particularly love hacking my work. Either by methodology or by improving my tools. Check out this list of tags / subjects.

Recent Posts

Get notified when terminal commands end

1 minute read

Here is a tiny little tool that will speed up the multi-tasking life of terminal users: be notified when a command finishes. How many times have you started...

SPF for dummies - how to fight spams

4 minute read

In this post, you will learn everything you need about SPF (Sender Policy Framework), what it means for your emails and how / if to set it up for your domain...

Une place à gagner pour Devoxx France

less than 1 minute read

Devoxx France m’a offert une place suite au travail que j’ai fait dans le comité de sélection. Comme je suis speaker, je n’en ai pas besoin. Donc elle est po...

One line per idea - the feedback

1 minute read

I wrote a bit more than a year ago on how to wrap lines for markup languages. I promised to give feedback on this experiment and specifically the use of one ...