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Synology rsync and non standard ports

1 minute read

Recently running rsync to my Synology diskstation stopped working. I had just changed my default SSH port to a non standard one. Learn how to fix it. Synolo...

Asciidoc folding for Vim

1 minute read

I just learned about the ability to fold in Vim. For mere mortals, it means hiding parts of the file. Here is a code to put in your .vimrc to allow folding ...

Adding color to Maven output

2 minute read

Maven is quite verbose. Finding the useful information when the test fails requires you to squint eyes. Unless, you bring some coloring to the massive Maven ...

Moving to HTTPS

less than 1 minute read

I have decided to move this website to HTTPS. Let me know if you see anything fishy, cannot access it or if the RSS feed no longer updates. Why? With my coun...