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Simplifying your double (calendar) life

1 minute read

If like me you live a double life (pro and personal) and like me you want to share your availability via calendars, you probably have created clones of the s...

MacBook Pro and the SMC cure

1 minute read

The physical parts of your MacBook (fans, ports etc) behaves erratically? I might have a cure. A story of crashes My MacBook Pro was getting on my nerves l...

Using vim and Evernote

1 minute read

I like Evernote because all my notes are in a single place and I can access it from everywhere (desktop, phone). I use it very much as my GTD reference mater...

Embedding Vim options in Markdown

1 minute read

I’ve been wrestling with an issue for quite a while: embed vim options into a Markdown file. I finally found a solution. Context You can customize the opti...

Start IntelliJ IDEA from the command line

2 minute read

You can start IntelliJ IDEA from the command line which is handy when you live in a terminal like me. But you need to enable that feature. Open IntelliJ IDE...